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If you include arbitration agreements to your contracts it is a high time to think about the Chamber of Arbitrators! 🧐

On 28 January at the webinar, we will tell you about the reasons to choose the Chamber of Arbitrators as the arbitral institution for the administration of your dispute and will learn all secrets of the new Arbitration Rules from their authors – the members of the Board of the Chamber of Arbitrators.

Hurry up to register here: https://forms.gle/RVCAG1Q9Npy5qvNj8

The speakers of the webinar: member of the Board of Chamber of Arbitrators

Aleksei Korochkin, Alexey Anischenko, and Oksana Kotel.

Moderators of the webinar:
arbitrators of Chamber of Arbitrators
Nika Pavlovskaya and Aliaksei Vashkevich

This webinar will be held in Russian. In February, the second webinar in English on new Arbitration Rules of the Chamber of Arbitrators will take place. Stay tuned!