Our advantages

Advantages of disputes resolution in the Chamber of Arbitrators

Independence. The Belarussian Republican Union of Lawyers, the founder of the Chamber of Arbitrators, is absolutely independent from any business entities or unions, associations of legal entities - and can provide an independent impartial consideration of disputes. The procedure for the selection of arbitrators is entirely subordinate to the will of the parties

The arbitration procedure is usually more flexible than in state courts.

Confidentiality. In order to inform business entities, information on the arbitration practice of considering a case may be published without disclosing the confidential data of the parties.

Arbitral awards of the Chamber of Arbitrators are final and binding, no other authority has the power to revise the original award on the merits.

Specialization. It is provided with high qualification of arbitrators, the parties are able to find an arbitrator with the necessary experience and knowledge in any industry in our lists, and the Chamber of Arbitrators currently paying close attention to this when forming the revised version of the Recommended list of arbitrators

Execution of arbitral awards. According to the New York Convention, arbitral awards of the Chamber of Arbitrators are recognized in 168 states.